Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paulo, A Dentist?

Playing around with some friends. Funny stuff.

Paulo Avelino As A Friend

Who would've thought?


Sa mga oras na i was so down and low (heartache. ouch.), one of the very few people I can talk to (or text to) would be The Paulo Avelino.

Thanks Pau for taking tiome to listed to some crap. And for regarding me as afriend.

Nakakatawa lang na someone so young would give me advices in life. And love.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fanarts 2 and message(s)

Here are another batch of Paulo fanarts by certified paunatix!

by choco

by dhenz

by kim

BTW, may message also from kim:
hi pau! alam ko nman na mababasa mo toh.. hehehe! bsta kaw ung taong sobrang naging adik ako, lalo na sa posting.. pasensya na kung mejo naging invisible na ngayon.. go0d luck sa career and wish you all the best! sna maging leading man ka na kc gwapo ka nman tlga!!! at may ibubuga! =) cge.. ingat palagi!! i love you! LoL!

Yan na muna for now...

I'm sure the Paunatix will cook up some some real good ones soon.

From The Paunatix (I)

Fans can be very creative.

Madaming mga pauntaix ang nagpopost ng mga sarili nilang mga fanarts for Paulo. Many are very creative. Some may be not very "cleanly" made pero very endearing nevertheless. Ang mahalaga they (we) can go out of our way and make art out of ordinary pics.

Paulo would be very proud.

Indulge into some of the fanarts:

from papu
from rayla
SC of Gaano Kadalas from aikache
from choco
from choco
I hope more Paunatix can post their fanarts for Paulo to see. Hehehehe.

Here are some of my own.

PS. Calling all Paunatix. I need some help here. Send in your fanarts and plese see if I have properly credited all other arts here. Thanks.

PSS. Er, Pau, hope you like these.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hidden Treasures


I stumbled on some (slightly) old Paulo head shots.

Hope you like them!

I think this is one of those K! guestings

Remember JuPau?

SS Memories

The Real Ultimate Hunk

Thursday, July 3, 2008


All photos are from Pau's facebook account

Undoubtedly, Paulo, Jan and Chariz is the winning comic trio that had even made Mr. Joey De Leon as one of their admirers.

Nakakatuwang isipin na the three may not have much television shows, mas marami pa rin silang racket (tvc, print ads) than their contemporaries. Si Paulo, staple sa mga tvcs (Red Ribbon, Lewis and Pearl, Funky, etc.) and in print (Coke); Jan had a tvc with Pau (Funky) and Chariz, arguably, the most successful Struckattack alumni, is a staple on comedy movies, ang pinakalatest e yung "My Monster Mom". Pero all three enjoy several GMA show guestings. Not bad para sa mga avengers di ba?

Pau has these pics, lately nahihilig sa photography idol natin e. He has several photos which he shot himself pero ang nandito e yung kasama sya sa subject.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paulo On A Break

Rest and Recreation.

Recently, maraming time si Paulo for vacations, that was before Gaano tapings. I'm not really sure what keeps him busy besides "Gaano Kadalas Anng Minsan" and Struckattack. Pero sana he'll be in a movie soon. Kahit hindi naman major role.

Paging GMA Films!!!

Note: These are his pics during his stay at Bohol; snagged from his Facebook Account.